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Who You Are
Early Stage Start-Up.

What You Need
Minimum Viable Product Test. Core Differentiation Assessment. Value Proposition Development. Pricing Structure. Market Entry Strategy. Brand Orientation. Basic Money Modeling. Funding Plan. Advisory Panel.

“Chris and Colin from Canada StartUp helped us prepare our financials and position the company to attract our first round of investment. Not only did we exceed our funding target, and find ourselves over-subscribed, but Colin and Chris were instrumental in securing our lead investor. If you need to stop thinking and start doing, call these guys.”Lisa Fraser, Founder, Snug Vest



Who You Are
Ready to Launch

What You Need
Market Readiness Determination. Pipeline Construction. Sales Simulation. Cradle-to-Grave Service Fulfillment Test. Pilot Client Acquisition. Anchor Client Case Studies. KPI Confirmation. Profitability & Performance Benchmarks. Cash-Flow Analysis. Board Development.

“We can’t say enough about Canada Start Up’s ongoing support in both helping us plan and execute our first-phase market entry program. From initial brand positioning, through pipeline development, and anchor client sales, they have provided sound advice and personally executed on key deliverables. They are helping us lay down the foundations for future success, while always being mindful of the core money metrics at play.”Winnie Chu, Founder & CTO, Nanozen Inc.


Who You Are
Ready for Expansion.

What You Need
Deep-Dive Market Penetration.  Broader Market Cross-Pollination.  Brand Refit.  Standardized Sales Protocols.  Operational Scalability Assessment.  Business Processes Review & Re-Design.  Business Systems Investment (CRM, ECM, ERP).  Team  Development – Recruitment, Training, Compensation.  Board Expansion.

“We tried different firms for help with our new client acquisition strategy and implementation.

Colin and his team were the only company to deliver on what they promised. They are a smart, experienced results driven team”Patrick Grogan, VP Sales and Marketing, NetSuite




Who You Are
Venture Investor

What You Need
Overall Venture Viability Audit. Sales Book, Pipeline, & Operations Audit. Talent Assessment. Market Entry Evaluation. Money Model Assessment. KPI “Vitals” Check. Complete VCRR – Validation. Clarification. Revelation. Recommendations.

“The best decisions in the investment business require quantifiable and high-quality due diligence. We used Canada Start Up to conduct a portion of our proprietary SaaS Credit Score, along with their SaaS Economic Viability Audit, on some of our recent investment targets.

In a remarkably short period of time, they returned to us a comprehensive and well-balanced report card. Their audit supported our diligence, while also revealing new details critical to our investment decisions. They are especially good at digging down into the details of a company’s core money model, making sure that the sales program is properly aligned with key financial projections.

What is even more important is sharing this information with the companies’ management teams and Board of Directors to provide actionable activities to improve their business. Great alignment for all involved.”Greg Smith, Chief Investment Officer, Timia Capital Corp.


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